Welcome to the Australian Paediatric Research Network

We would like to invite you to join the Australian Paediatric Research Network and contribute to the generation of new evidence to inform your practice. You are no doubt already aware that much of paediatric practice is based on experience, rather than evidence, and you can start to change that!

You can join a group of community and hospital based paediatricians who have chosen to take part in research into common child health conditions that they encounter in their practice every day. You don't need any prior research training!

What is the APRN?

More than 400 paediatricians around Australia are members of this network of general paediatricians. We ask members to contribute to one or more research projects each year. This can be as little as an online survey e.g. the annual Multi-Topic Survey; referring patients to a new study; delivery of new interventions yourself or development of a new project. Recent APRN research includes:

  • piloting an online training programme to improve the management of food allergy by general paediatricians
  • a survey of parent needs after a diagnosis of Autism.

Did you know that, from our national audit of paediatric practice in 2008, the most common problem seen by paediatricians was ADHD, making up 18% of diagnoses?

Benefits of the APRN

1. Support for paediatricians to:

  • develop new research questions from their practice
  • appreciate the top research priorities as identified by your peers
  • take part in new research projects, learning new skills along the way
  • meet and work with new colleagues from around the country

2. Advance knowledge about common paediatric problems you are likely to see in your day-to-day work and, ultimately, change practice and inform policy.

3. The APRN can help you to:

  • stimulate research where the evidence is not clear or is relevant to your setting
  • make research easier and more enjoyable!
  • enhance your professional development and gain points for myCPD


Please join now, membership is free!