All Australian paediatricians are eligible to join the APRN. If you are an Australian paediatrician keen to become involved in research, you can become an APRN member online now.

Membership benefits

Being an APRN member provides the following benefits:

  • you will have the opportunity to be involved in the research projects conducted under the APRN umbrella
  • your involvement can range from contributing data to being a part of or leading a research team, depending on your level of interest in a research topic
  • you will receive an annual newsletter and regular email updates about the APRN projects and progress

Membership responsibilities

As a member of the APRN you will be expected to participate in at least one research project during a three year period.

APRN membership is free and is not legally binding.

To become a member please click on the link below. We will ask you for some demographic information and your contact details. To protect your confidentiality, your details will be kept only on our database and will not be distributed to any other organisations.