Depending on the size and scope of your project, you may want to actively engage some stakeholders in a technical/advisory group and/or a steering committee. Both differ from your research team, which generally consists of Chief Investigators, Associate Investigators, a Project Officer and Research Assistants. The team usually undertakes the day to day running of the research project, develops the materials/methodologies etc and collects, analyses and writes up the data.

Below we define Technical Groups and Steering Committees and give you a template for terms of reference for each.

Definition: Technical / Expert Advisory Group

An advisory group consists of stakeholders with specific expert/technical knowledge. It can offer input and advice on content elements of the research project at predetermined frequencies or can be deferred to for specific issues.

Example template to send to Advisory Group

Definition: Steering Committee

A steering committee’s function is to provide support, guidance and the executive over sighting of the research at all stages of the project.

Example template to send to the Steering Committee