APRN Newsletter Issue 12, March 2015

Welcome to 2015 from the APRN team!

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Children Attending Paediatrician Study (CAPS)

This national audit ran over a two-week period from November to December in 2013, with 180 of 367 (48%) paediatricians returning booklets with information on 7102 consultations! Click here to see the preliminary findings.

What’s next?

We plan on submitting publications in the following areas:

  • Main outcomes including comparison from 2008 and 2013 audits
  • Management of anxiety
  • Psychotropic medications

National Delphi Study (2014 -2015) - What research questions matter most to our members?

Last year, we asked members “Thinking about your clinical practice, what are the most important research questions which need addressing?” and have since received 189 research questions. We will now determine if these are feasible questions the APRN could explore. Dr Kate Hughes will conduct this work for her advanced trainee research project. Click here to read more about the Delphi 2014-2015

Thank you to our APRN members who have submitted their research questions and for your patience as we sort through these.

Multi-Topic Survey 2015

The Multi-Topic survey will take place in mid-2015.Topics will include paediatricians approach to vaccine hesitant parents and use of genetic microarray testing. Click here to see previous Multi-Topic surveys

Stay tuned for more details!

Parent needs around the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

In this study about the information needs of parents whose child received an ASD diagnosis and their paediatrician’s report of usual practice in managing this condition, we found:

  •  the two most important aspects of information for parents were what the diagnosis means and finding allied health professionals with ASD experience.
  • paediatricians were meeting some parent information needs including how the diagnosis was made
  • gaps that may need addressing include school support and ways to explain the diagnosis to the child.

Click here for more information on this study.

What’s next?

We will submit findings from this study in an academic journal this year. We also propose a tailored management plan for paediatricians to run through with families, given the sheer volume of information.

Researcher Profile

Prof. Gary L. Freed

Gary L. Freed MD, MPH joined the APRN steering committee in 2014 and is on the APRN Advisory group. In Australia, he is conducting health services research into the interface of primary, secondary and tertiary health care delivery for children. His work is funded by the Victoria Department of Health, Medicare locals and the RCH Foundation with the goal of providing data on which to develop evidence-based policies for children’s health.

He is the Director of the Health Systems and Workforce Unit in the School of Population Health, Professor of Population Health at the University of Melbourne and as Visiting Scholar in Health Care Policy at the Royal Children’s Hospital. He currently divides his time between Melbourne Australia and Ann Arbor, MI and maintains an active research program in both countries. He is also Percy and Mary Murphy Professor of Pediatrics in the School of Medicine and Professor of Health Management and Policy in the School of Public Health at the University of Michigan.


We are currently drafting manuscripts for several APRN studies. Please visit our publication page for all our publications.


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Thanks to all APRN members who have contributed to the research and activities to date.