APRN Newsletter Issue 15, December 2016

Please see below the second APRN newsletter update for 2016. This year, the APRN focused on our existing data sets and developing a key resource for our members.

Measures Library

The APRN team has been busy populating a library of over 100 measures of child and parent health! This free resource was funded by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians Fellows Award. It aims to help paediatricians, researchers, clinicians and students to find the right measures for their research or clinical practice.

These measures are based of Centre for Community Child Health at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne projects. Information includes:

  • Content area and description (eg number of items, types of subscales)
  • Age ranges, administrative time and requirements
  • Sources, web links and key references
  • Costs, licenses and user agreements
  • Norming population data, reliability/validity (where possible)
  • Stata syntax for data cleaning and scoring (where possible)

Stay tuned! We aim to launch this resource in March 2017.

Projects 2017

We are currently planning our projects for the year ahead. In 2017, we will conduct our 5th Multi-Topic Survey (MTS), with topics being finalised in the New Year. We will also prioritise additional publications from the Children Attending Paediatricians Study (CAPS, 2013-2014) and MTS (2015-2016).

Since our last newsletter, we have had 1 article published (early view online) and 1 accepted in the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health. Please visit our publication page for all our publications.

  • Hughes K, Gulenc A, Danchin M, Efron D, Wake M, Freed G, Hiscock H. What research questions matter to Australian paediatricians? National Delphi Study.
  • Hiscock H, Danchin MH, Efron D, Gulenc A, Hearps S, Freed GL, Perera P, Wake M. Trends in paediatric practice in Australia: 2008 and 2013 national audits from the Australian Paediatric Research Network.

Message from the APRN team
Thank you again for your contributions to the APRN. We look forward to conducting more research that is of interest and relevance to our members in 2017. Wishing you all a very happy holidays!

P: (03) 9345 6530

E: aprn.paeds@rch.org.au

W: www.aprn.org.au