Research proposals are welcome throughout the year. Download application proforma here.

The APRN endorses research into common paediatric conditions and complements the APSU which investigates rare conditions. We are currently establishing the three projects endorsed in our first application round in 2009-2010:

  1. Autism spectrum disorder – what families want at diagnosis and beyond;
  2. Longitudinal study of children with ADHD; and
  3. Height, weight and pubertal status of adolescent girls with ADHD.

Selection of Research Studies

In 2007, Australian paediatricians were invited to participate in a Delphi study to suggest and prioritise their top research questions. Paediatricians proposed over 400 research questions. The Steering Group, in partnership with local and national experts, extracted the Top 20 research topics. These were questions deemed feasible for study by a national research network and unanswered by existing literature.

The current Top 6 areas of research interest proposed by Australian paediatricians, and therefore the areas of priority for the APRN, are:

  1. Management and treatment of obesity and its comorbidities
  2. Long-term outcomes of ADHD
  3. Outcomes and service use for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  4. Diagnosis and management of cow’s milk allergy
  5. Management of infant distress
  6. Mental health co-morbidities in children with chronic illnesses

APRN endorsement will be based, in the first instance, on a project’s relevance to the top 6 research priorities generated by the Delphi process, and a project’s feasibility for study by members of the APRN, as determined by the Children Attending Paediatricians Study (CAPS). However, the network will consider research projects that are unrelated to the prioritised research areas if the project team submits a strong, feasible research proposal.