The APRN invites applications from network members and Advanced Trainees for the annual Multi-Topic Survey. This survey collects important information on common problems seen by APRN members nationwide and is designed to help inform new APRN research.

The 2010 Multi-Topic Survey covered the topic areas of ADHD, Obesity, Learning problems, Congenital hearing loss and Melatonin Use.

The 2011 Multi-Topic Survey included 4 topics; managing unsettled babies, IgE mediated food allergy, and E-Learning. We have now finished collecting topics for the 2013 Multi-Topic Survey.

The 2013 Multi-Topic Survey includes 3 topics; autism spectrum disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and oral health .

If you are planning a research project about a certain condition, the Multi-Topic survey can help you gather data about which paediatricians see that condition and how they manage it. You can then use these data to inform further research. Submissions are welcome any time for future surveys.