The Australian Paediatric ADHD Study (APAS) aims to recruit children and adolescents (3 – 17yrs) with newly diagnosed ADHD. We will investigate families' journey toward the diagnosis, paediatrician assessment and management practices, and children's comorbidities and functional impairments. We will follow these children over a number of years, collecting data from paediatricians, parents, children (over 12) and teachers. We are interested in identifying factors which influence mental health, academic and social outcomes for children with ADHD.

We are at stage 1 of the APAS study, in which we are piloting the feasibility and acceptability of the study design, from the perspectives of paediatricians, parents, children and teachers. We have successfully completed this pilot in Victoria (baseline data collection) and are now piloting in Western Australia (baseline data collection and six month follow-up).
We will use the information from our pilot study to apply for a larger research grant for an Australian wide longitudinal study of children with ADHD.

Participating families will need to:

  • complete a detailed parent questionnaire
  • complete a child questionniare (if your child is aged 11-17yrs)

Investigators: Dr Daryl Efron (Royal Children’s Hospital, Vic), Dr Emma Sciberras (Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Vic), Ms Sarah Davies (Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Vic), Dr Brad Jongeling (Joondalup Child Development Centre , WA), Grant Smith (Telethon Institute for Child Health research, WA), Dr Angela Luangrath (Royal Children’s Hospital, Vic).

Start date: August 2012
End date: Mid 2013

Funding bodies: The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and WA Department of Health
Ethics approval: The Royal Children’s Hospital, Vic (HREC 32126A) and Princess Margaret Hospital,WA (#Awaiting)

If you would like more information about APAS, please contact the APAS project:

Project contact: Daryl Efron
Phone: 03 9345 4563