APRN Newsletter Issue 6, December 2011

The APRN has had a productive 2011, growing to almost 400 members. Thanks to all members who contributed to APRN research and activities this year.

Since September 2011, the APRN …..
Funding & Infrastructure

  • Was shortlisted for a prestigious $2.5 million NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence grant. We were unfortunately unsuccessful, but are preparing to resubmit in the 2012 round.
  • Applied for funding: John Ilhan, BUPA (food allergy management trial); Jack Brockoff Foundation, Rotary Mental Health, Foundation for Children (pilot longitudinal ADHD study).

Member services

  • Worked with RACP to tailor our “How to” conduct research module. These modules are available on our website and will also be available from the RACP soon.
  • Visits to the APRN website increased this year by one third to over 40,000 hits. Our “How to” conduct research (doubling to ~6500 hits) and publications pages were particularly popular.

2010 Multi-Topic Survey Publications

  • “The paediatrician’s role in caring for children with learning difficulties” was accepted for publication by the Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health.
  • Submitted “How training affects paediatricians’ management of obesity and its co-morbidities: Australian national survey linked with prospective practice audit” to Arch Dis Childhood.
  • “Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Management of Sleep Disorders in Children: An Australian Paediatric Research Network Survey” soon to be submitted to the Journal of Sleep Medicine.

New Research Projects

  • Parent Needs After a Diagnosis of Autism” (led by Dr Sabine Hennel, Monash Medical Centre, Vic): A great start, with paediatricians identifying >900 patients, well on the way to our target of 1500. We need as many APRN paediatricians to take part as possible to be nationally representative. It’s not too late! – Just email us at autism.survey@rch.org.au.
  • “Growth and pubertal status of adolescent girls with ADHD” (led by Dr Sally Poulton, Nepean Health, NSW): Ethics application submitted.
  • “Longitudinal study of ADHD” (Murdoch Childrens Research Institute, Vic. & Complex Attention and Hyperactivity Disorders Service, WA): Seeking funding for a mid-2012 start.

 The Multi-Topic Survey

  • Sent our 2011 Multi-Topic survey topics to all members on 1 Dec 2011. It includes two advanced trainee research projects (management of food allergy, unsettled babies).

Next, we will…

  • Submit our revised application for an NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence grant in Jan 2012, focusing on allergy, ADHD & obesity, plus paediatrician research and training support.
  • Submit a funding application to the Department of Health and Ageing Chronic Disease Prevention and Service Improvement Flexible Fund.


  • Submit 2010 Multi-Topic Survey manuscripts (Paediatric practice in the assessment and treatment of ADHD & congenital deafness).

The Multi-Topic Survey

  • Collect and analyse responses for the 2011 Multi- Topic Survey.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season and look forward to bringing you more APRN News in 2012
For more information on the APRN, please visit us at www.aprn.org.au.


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