Welcome to the website for the Australian Paediatric Research Network (APRN).

The APRN is a network of Australian paediatricians who are keen to contribute to new research that is relevant to both public and private practice.

The network is the first of its kind in Australia. It builds research capacity by involving more clinicians in research activities and enhancing recruitment for community based research projects.

Feature Projects

Multi-Topic Survey (August/September 2014)

Get your Advanced Trainees to propose a topic for their research!

We are now collecting topics for the MTS 2014!

APRN members and advanced trainees are invited to propose research topics for the amalgamated online MTS. The MTS is a great way to gather information on how paediatricians diagnose and/or manage a particular condition. 

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Delphi 2014

The APRN is pleased to announce the 2014 Delphi study!

The APRN is replicating the first National Delphi study conducted in 2007, and will be inviting all APRN members to take part.

We hope all members participate in helping the APRN generate the top research priorities of today. We are interested in comparing the current priorities to previous priorities. In addition, the current study will be used for our future research proposals. 

The Delphi will be a two stage process, and has commenced in July 2014. We are still accepting research questions and would love to hear from all APRN members!

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